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Before and After Picture of Fernanda Camarini

Fernanda Camarini

“I've always heard that it's hard to lose weight after pregnancy, and that was a great excuse in my life”. I could not have won this fight against obesity alone. I also feel very safe and well taken care of with Raquel. A friend, dedicated, brave, honest person. I get more excited and willing to give my best at every consultation.

Before and After Picture of Aileen Aitken

Aileen Aitken

 “The first picture was taken on 23rd April 2017 and I was disgusted with myself. I started the diet on 4th June and the second photo was taken on 4th October 2017.

My goal was to reach 11st. Last Friday, I was 10st 13lbs. I’m delighted! Thank you so much for your support. 14.11.17“

Before and After Picture of Karina Menegussi

Karina Menegussi

" It was a life-changer. I LOST 17 Pounds. But what was really worth it, is to eat better today, to know how to check the products that I buy and if they are healthy or not. Tips that Raquel give on her videos that I'm going to take for life."

Before and After Picture of Patrick Ferrari

Patrick Ferrari

"That's it. 4 months separate the photo from the left to the right. And despite the fact that I am not active on social media, I could not let this moment pass in blanc, especially because my story can inspire friends that don't believe that they can achieve their goals. I want to thank my wife Rogeria Alves for being the base for my motivation. She made me believe that I could achieve my goal because at the beginning I didn't believe in myself. Secondly, I would like to thank the professional Karline Porter, from Britzke Nutrition that does an incredible work helping people to achieve their goals. I lost 24kgs (4stones) and gain my self-stime and confidence without a doubt."

Before and After Picture of Ana Falcao

Ana Falcao

 Raquel was the only one that helped and understood me with all of my health problems because that was the main reason I reached out to her. Thank you, Raquel, for all of your work and dedication with me, with all of us. You are not only a nutritionist you have become a friend, counsellor, psychologist and without a doubt a very special person in my life. With all of my heart, I say that I feel happy like never before. Thank you, Raquel, and thank you, God.

Before and After Picture of Esmerinda Maria de Jesus

Esmerinda Maria de Jesus 


Case Study: A Transformation Journey Towards Better Health

Objective: The primary goal was weight loss and enhancing cholesterol profiles for a 55-year-old individual juggling two jobs. Despite a busy schedule, the person's high motivation levels set the stage for a remarkable health transformation.

Approach: Understanding the individual's unique lifestyle, a nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition and personalised dietary planning embarked on crafting a tailored nutrition strategy. This approach focused not just on the goal of weight loss but on improving overall health metrics, including cholesterol levels.

Results: Within a span of just four months, an incredible transformation was evident. The individual's body fat percentage was significantly reduced from 40% to 27%. This drastic change was not just a number on a scale but a testament to the power of personalized nutrition planning and expert guidance from a dietitian.

Conclusion: This case study underscores the importance of seeking professional advice from a "nutritionist near me" or a "dietitian near me" who can offer personalised, evidence-based dietary guidance. In bustling urban settings like London, where professional and personal life can often lead to neglected dietary habits, the expertise of a "nutritionist in London" specialising in "sports nutrition" can be a game-changer. Whether it's weight loss, cholesterol improvement, or overall health enhancement, the right nutritionist can pave the way for transformative health journeys.

This case not only inspires but also demonstrates that with the right guidance, motivation, and personalised plan, achieving significant health improvements is possible, regardless of age or lifestyle challenges.

Before and After Picture of Almira Cassin

Almira Cassin

" I changed my way of thinking and acting. I feel happier and more willing to do everything. A big thank you to our wonderful nutritionist and the whole Britzke team. Let us remain strong so that we can have good results and in this way achieving our goals. We can do everything, we just have to want it!”

Before and After Picture Olinda Chaves

Olinda Chaves

|1 YEAR| Today I celebrate life, I celebrate change and most importantly I celebrate my health!!! Exactly 1 year ago I decided to change my lifestyle, I decided that I had had enough of being ashamed and embarrassed by my body... 1 year ago I decided to stop with the excuses.
With the help of my amazing nutritionist @lucia.braz from @raquelbritzke clinic, we put these changes in place. All I can say is thank you for your excellent work!!!
Change is never easy and going from a diet based on cakes and biscuits to a diet full of greens had its challenges 😅 but now I can say how proud I am of my beautiful and colourful food shopping 😁
I have learnt to eat and these changes are for life!!! 

Before and After picture Robbi Souza

Robbi Souza

I was disheartened, not eating well and drinking too much alcohol. Seeing all of you fighting, falling and rising has motivated me, it was what made the difference for me to resist and follow the project through.  I took the second picture yesterday and saw that I had achieved my goal, I love to be slim and toned, thank you Raquel Britzke out of all of the diets that I followed, yours was the only that I lost only fat, kept and still gained lean mass.

Before and After Picture Rosilene Rodrigues

Rosilene Rodrigues

"It's so good to achieve my goal, it was worth all efforts. It changed my life. Thanks, Karline for all your help, I am very happy.xx"


Case Study: Rosi’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Rosi's journey to wellness underscores the critical role of expert nutrition and dietary intervention, particularly for those in search of a "nutritionist near me" or "dietitian near me" capable of addressing complex health challenges. Rosi faced a daily struggle with debilitating symptoms, including severe migraines, persistent itching, uncomfortable bloatedness, and chronic hives. These conditions forced her into a regimen of 7-8 tablets daily, a testament to her desperate search for relief.

Symptoms: Before the intervention, Rosi's life was significantly hindered by her health issues. Her migraines were intense and frequent, leading to days lost in pain. The itching and urticaria allergy caused constant discomfort and embarrassment, while bloatedness added to her physical ailments, affecting her self-esteem and overall well-being.

Intervention: The transformative journey began with a comprehensive approach at a clinic known for its personalised nutritional planning. The clinic conducted an in-depth food intolerance test to pinpoint the exact foods triggering Rosi's symptoms. Based on the results, a tailored diet focusing on weight loss and elimination of intolerant foods was developed. This bespoke plan was not only aimed at reducing her weight but also at mitigating the symptoms that had long plagued her life.

Outcome: The results were profound. Rosi managed to lose 20kg, a significant physical transformation that came with even more remarkable health benefits. Her migraines became a thing of the past, the itching and urticaria allergy subsided, and the bloatedness disappeared, liberating her from the daily dependence on medication. This holistic improvement in her health was not just temporary; Rosi has maintained her healthy weight and remained free from all previous symptoms for over a year.

Rosi's story illustrates the power of targeted nutritional intervention and the pivotal role that professionals like a "nutritionists” in London" can play in transforming lives. It's a vivid reminder that with the right dietary approach and expert guidance, individuals can overcome chronic health issues, leading to a significantly improved quality of life. This case is a beacon of hope for those suffering in silence, showing that change is possible and health can indeed be reclaimed.


Before and After Picture of Patty Souza

Patty Sousa

I learned how to eat well, to value myself, to love myself "even more" and mostly I learned that weight is often relative and learned that measurements will decrease if you actually decide to follow the teachings of the program. It all depends on you!

Before and After Picture of Dionizia Vieira

Dionizia Vieira

"It all started when I went to visit a friend and she told me about the Britzke Clinic, I found her results wonderful. Until then, I was very unsatisfied with my weight gain, I practised exercises but with no results. I was with over than 80 kg, so I decided to seek help. I went to my first appointment with Fernanda and she was very nice and very professional. In the first few days, I was very insecure with myself because I had never done a diet in my life. But finally, I decided to give myself a chance. I prepared, I organized, I bought all the food from the meal plan and I started with this adventure. In the​ ​follow-up appointment, I was super happy because, in a month, I lost 4 kg of fat, I was super excited!  Fernanda's orientation was working. I began to intensify in physical activities, I ran a marathon Hackney Half Marathon, I was feeling very well. In total, I've lost 20kg and a lot of visceral fat. The goal now is to gain more muscles and move on to the definition.  Thank you, Fernanda, for the super professional that you are.
The Britzke Clinic really has a wonderful Team!"

Before and After Picture of Kledison Machado

Kledison Machado

"At the beginning, I was kind of in doubt because I was always a person who exercised and I was always on a diet, but could not lower my weight.
It was from the food intolerance test and Fernanda's​​ orientation, ​I realized that my diet was completely wrong and my eating habits were too. So, with a lot of discipline and determination, it did not take long to see the results and most importantly, well being and motivation were increased every day. Especially when everyone around congratulated me and were impressed by the change. Thank you, Fernanda and all the team of Raquel Britzke."

Before and After Picture of Nathalia Carvalho Tardivo

Nathalia Carvalho Tardivo


Nathalia’s Path to Wellness: Overcoming Undernutrition and IBS Through Tailored Nutrition and Fitness

Nathalia's transformative journey underscores the profound impact that expert nutritional guidance and targeted lifestyle changes can have on health, especially for those seeking a "nutritionist near me" or a "dietitian near me." Battling with being underweight, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weak nails, a variety of vitamin deficiencies, and a diminished appetite, Nathalia's condition presented a complex challenge. Her case illustrates the critical role of personalized dietary intervention in addressing such multifaceted health issues.

Initial Condition: Nathalia's health struggles included severe underweight issues, symptoms of IBS, lack of muscle mass, brittle nails, widespread vitamin deficiencies, and a consistently low appetite. These symptoms not only affected her physical health but also her overall quality of life.

Intervention: Upon visiting the clinic, Nathalia underwent a comprehensive food intolerance test, which revealed that her symptoms were significantly linked to unbalanced eating habits. Armed with this insight, a tailored meal plan was developed, and meticulously designed to support muscle mass gain and alleviate the symptoms of IBS. In addition to dietary changes, Nathalia embarked on a weekly workout regimen to further support her health goals.

Outcome: The results of this holistic approach were remarkable. Over the course of five months, Nathalia achieved a healthy weight gain of 4 kg. More importantly, the intervention led to a suite of positive health outcomes; her appetite improved, her nails became stronger, and the distressing gastrointestinal symptoms associated with IBS vanished. Nathalia now enjoys a significantly enhanced quality of life, feeling more energized and healthier than ever before.

Nathalia's story is a testament to the power of expertly crafted nutritional plans and the importance of seeking professional advice from a "nutritionist in London" or a "dietitian near me." It highlights how personalised dietary strategies, combined with appropriate physical activity, can address specific health conditions, leading to substantial improvements in overall well-being. For those navigating similar health challenges, Nathalia's journey offers hope and demonstrates that with the right support, achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle is within reach.

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