The Team

The Team

Raquel Britzke, Dietitian and Owner of raquel britzke Clinic

Raquel Britzke, RD, BSc, PG, PT

Raquel is a seasoned Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Trainer, dedicating her career to guiding clients through weight loss, fitness enhancement, and muscle mass gain. She completed her studies at the prestigious Unicentro in Brazil before relocating to the UK in 2009, where she furthered her education with a Post-Graduate degree in Sports Nutrition under the auspices of the International Olympics Committee. Raquel's ambition goes beyond merely altering diets; she is driven by a passion to transform lives profoundly.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Rejane Britzke, Clinic Manager, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Rejane Britzke, Clinic Manager

Rejane Britzke, with her multifaceted background as a health coach and Pharmacist, graduated from Paranaense University in 2011. Following her graduation, she furthered her education with a specialization in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and Cosmetic Sciences in 2012. Rejane's career in Brazil saw her excel as a Senior Pharmacist in both a pharmacy and laboratory setting.

Currently, Rejane plays a pivotal role at Britzke Nutrition as the Clinic Manager. In this capacity, she not only supports clients with their nutritional needs but also oversees the practice's operations. Her responsibilities include managing the clinic's diary, coordinating staff schedules, and organizing a variety of administrative tasks. Furthermore, Rejane is instrumental in conducting food intolerance assessments and other diagnostic tests, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive support and care under her management at Britzke Nutrition.

Karline Porter, Nutritionist, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Karline Porter, BSc, Lead Nutritionist

Graduated in Nutrition from St. Mary's University, Twickenham, London, in 2013, Karline joined our clinic in 2015. Since then, she has specialised in weight loss for both adults and children, with a primary focus on Behavioural Change. Karline’s expertise and dedication have led to her promotion as Lead Nutritionist. 
In her current role, Karline coordinates the team of nutritionists, managing and organising clinic protocols. She oversees process improvements, conducts training sessions on examinations, and ensures the highest standards of patient care. Karline is also responsible for case study coordination, training nutritionists using real-life case studies, and implementing wellness programmes to enhance patient well-being. Her leadership and experience make her an invaluable asset to both the clinic and its patients.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Lucia Braz, Dietitian, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Lucia Braz, MSc, PhD

Lucia Braz, with a PhD in Nutrition and Gut Health from Imperial College London, focuses her expertise on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and gut health. As a Registered Dietitian and a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), she has cultivated a deep interest in areas such as gut health, diabetes, metabolism, appetite regulation, and weight management. Lucia's professional journey took a significant turn in 2014 when she joined the Department of Metabolic Medicine at Imperial College London as a Research Associate. This role allowed her to explore the effects of various diets on appetite control and weight management through rigorous clinical trials, enriching her understanding of human metabolism. Lucia combines her extensive knowledge with confidence and ambition in her practice, providing private nutritional counseling aimed at enhancing overall health and addressing a broad spectrum of nutritional concerns.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Giovanna Zanelli, Dietitian, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Giovana Aichinger, BSc, PG 

Giovana, with nearly a decade of experience as a dietitian, specialises in Functional Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Gut Health. Her broad expertise encompasses weight management, gut health, women’s health, diabetes control, and the management of food intolerances. Integrating empathy with professionalism, Giovana provides personalised nutritional guidance that is scientifically informed and considerate of each individual’s unique needs and circumstances. Her primary aim is to illustrate that a quality of life can be enhanced through a diet that is both balanced and flexible, promoting a holistic approach to nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Language: Portuguese

Giovanna Zanelli, Dietitian, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Robertta Melo, BSc, PG

Robertta, with her BSc in Nutrition and a Postgraduate Degree in Obesity and Weight Loss, has spent nearly two decades as a Specialist Nutritionist dedicated to comprehensive health and nutrition. She is widely recognised for her motivational skills, offering personalised services to address obesity, diabetes, and other conditions with a strong emphasis on empathy and building trust. Her methodical approach is tailored to instigate enduring positive lifestyle changes in her patients, steering them toward optimal health.

Language: Portuguese

Giovanna Zanelli, Dietitian, team member of Raquel Britzke Clinic

Giovanna Zanelli, MSc

Giovanna has dedicated over a decade to her career as a dietitian, driven by a belief in the transformative power of food for enhancing health and well-being. She earned a Master’s degree in Health Sciences with a focus on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, showcasing her commitment to addressing complex health issues through nutritional science. Giovanna specializes in Functional Nutrition, an approach that emphasizes cellular nutrition to ensure the body's optimal functioning, thereby fostering a metabolism that is resilient to stress.

Her expertise spans a comprehensive range of areas including weight loss, diabetes management, cancer nutrition, handling food allergies and intolerances, nutritional support during pregnancy, liver disease management, dyslipidemia, women’s health, and intestinal health modulation. Giovanna is deeply committed to changing her patients' lives, not just through diet adjustments but by transforming their entire lifestyle. She offers personalized, empathetic care, tailoring her nutritional guidance to meet the unique needs and challenges of each individual she works with.

Languages: English, Portuguese

About us

Raquel Britzke's clinic is committed to guiding individuals towards sustainable health transformations through personalized nutritional plans, integrating the latest scientific and technological advances. Our mission and vision converge on empowering clients with practical, lasting solutions to achieve and maintain their wellness goals, thereby setting a distinctive standard in the health sector.

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Innovative Health Transformations: London's Premier Nutritionist and Dietitian, Raquel Britzke

Raquel Britzke is distinguished as an eminent nutritionist and dietitian in London, renowned for her innovative and effective strategies in weight management and lifestyle transformation. With a foundation in both personal experience and clinical expertise, she offers customised programmes that focus on fat reduction, muscle maintenance, and metabolic optimisation. Her approach is enhanced by the latest in technological advancements, ensuring rapid, efficient results. Raquel's dedication to empowering her clients is evident in her commitment to facilitating sustainable health improvements, setting her apart in London's competitive wellness industry.