Body Reset Programme

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Transform your body and health in just 12 weeks

Immediate access

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Discover the achievements of patients who have shed over 12kg (2st) using my method.


Samy transformed her life by following my method, shedding 26kg (4st) and regaining her self-esteem!


Karina lost 5.5 inches off her waist, reducing abdominal fat.


Karina lost 5.5 inches from her measurements, reducing abdominal fat.


Carmo, by following the step-by-step method, managed to lose 12kg (2st) and regain her quality of life!


Sonia shed 18kg (3st) and significantly reduced her measurements, without any crazy diets or going hungry, just by following my method.


Marina lost 15kg (2st) following my method. She boosted her health, her body, and her self-esteem.


Marcia saw incredible results in just the first 4 weeks of the program and achieved an amazing transformation by the end!

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Method proven by over 10,000 women

Many have tried various diets, shakes, and even medications to lose weight, but what I observe in my practice is that most have lacked support or haven't followed a proven, personalised method tailored to their own metabolism.

This programme has been tested and approved by thousands of women across 80 countries, and if you adhere to the method, I guarantee that you will achieve the desired results.

And I'm not just talking about achieving a toned body! I'm referring to a completely healthy new lifestyle.

Do you wish to lose weight, gain more energy, enhance your libido, and become a more positive individual?

If your answer is yes, then this programme is for you!

The Body Reset Programme is structured into three phases:



This diet eliminates foods that cause bloating and fluid retention while prioritising those that aid detoxification. It boosts your metabolism, helping to reduce bloating and eliminate cellulite and acne. Importantly, it is not a liquid diet and includes all food groups.



In this phase, you will consume varying amounts of carbohydrates each day to accelerate your metabolism and promote quicker weight loss.



This diet includes an abundance of vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, fruits, tubers, and whole grains. Widely regarded as the healthiest diet globally, this eating style is sustainable for life.

How you will feel after completing the Body Reset Programme 

- 1 - 

You will learn to manage your emotions: anxiety, self-criticism, and compulsion.

- 2 - 

You will understand how to maintain your social life and stay slim permanently without needing to avoid the company of friends or family.

- 3 - 

You will feel more motivated, energetic, and disciplined in your daily activities.

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My name is Raquel Britzke

 I am a Dietitian, Personal Trainer, and hold a postgraduate degree in sports nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. I founded the Britzke Nutrition Clinic in London, England, where I reside with my family. I also created the Low-Carb Project (PLC) and TRANSFORM360, utilising my own method and assisting over 20,000 patients worldwide.

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Imagine having...

  • A diet tailored to your metabolism.¬†

  • An uncomplicated step-by-step guide for you to simply follow.

  • Someone by your side guiding and supporting you throughout your weight loss journey.

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What's included

 1- Personalized Meal Plan

Practical and easy to adapt to your daily life, tailored to your metabolism

2- Nutritionist Support

You can ask any questions via email with a registered dietitian from the team and will receive a response within 24 hours.

3- Access to a Private Group

You will have access to a private group where all participants can mutually track their progress with the support of our nutritionist team and all the motivation needed to achieve their goals.

4- Weekly Videos 

Step-by-step coaching on how to lose weight in a healthy and smart way through weekly videos

5-Complete Workouts

Effective workout videos to do at home, in just 30 minutes.

6- Practical Recipes

You will learn 50 simple and tasty recipes that will help you in your new lifestyle.

7- Substitution List

A diet needs to be enjoyable. Therefore, you will have a list of substitutions to choose the food you prefer and enjoy the most

Exclusive bonus for the first 50 registrants

The first 50 registrants will receive a live mentoring session with me via Zoom.

Exclusive bonus for this cohort

A book of 50 recipes tested and approved by Priscilla Santini, drawing inspiration from renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay to create healthy and delicious dishes.

Exclusive bonus for registrations within the first 24 hours

All registrants within the first 24 hours will receive extended support for one year.

This advantage will provide you with absolute clarity and consistency in your new lifestyle.

How do I know I'm ready to start?

 This Program is Perfect if you:

  • Aim to replace fat with muscle.
  • Are serious about transforming your body, lifestyle, and health.
  • Have tried numerous diets without success or frequently experience food cravings.
  • Often find yourself unhappy with restrictive diets that fail to yield lasting results.
  • Are ready to make a definitive change and lose weight for good.

 This program is not for you if:

  • You often make excuses for not changing
  • You think you can do it alone and don't need help, yet never achieve your goals.
  • You're not willing to invest in your own health and happiness.
  • You're not prepared to follow the step-by-step guide that will lead to the best results of your life.
  • You're not looking to lose weight and transform your body in just 12 weeks.
I am ready

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What's included?


Videos with all the secrets

I'll release weekly videos packed with essential content to help you learn how to follow a healthy lifestyle correctly for the best results.


Shopping List

I'll send you a shopping list to make your life even easier. This makes it very easy to organize everything.


Guide to the best carbohydrates

I've created a guide to the best types of carbohydrates so you can learn to choose the best foods, all within an app right at your fingertips!


Hit play and check out some amazing outcomes from patients who followed my exclusive method

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 Body Reset Programme, rewrite your story.

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For Only:


Per month/for 3 months

  • Meal Plan
  • Exercise Videos
  • Dietitian Support
  • Alternative Ingredients Guide
  • Recipe Book