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Natasha Figueira: Shedding over 5 stones and Embracing a New Life

Uncategorized May 13, 2024

At our clinic, we have the privilege of witnessing truly inspiring transformation stories. One of the most remarkable is that of Natasha Figueira, who underwent our Transform360 programme. Under the careful guidance of our dedicated nutritionist, Lucia, Natasha exemplifies the profound impact that commitment and proper support can have.

Significant Weight Loss: From 131kg to 97kg (From 20st 6lbs to 15st 2lbs)

Natasha began Transform360 weighing 131kg and, through monthly consultations and following the personalised guidance of our team, she managed to lose an incredible 33kg (5st 2lbs) in 12 months. More than just numbers, these changes were reflected in every aspect of her life.

Adopting Healthier Habits

The programme did more than help Natasha lose weight; she also learned and maintained healthy lifestyle habits. Even after temporarily stepping away from the plan, she was able to resume healthy practices without difficulty, demonstrating the depth of changes in her routine.

Impact on Self-Esteem and Daily Life

One of the biggest gains for Natasha was the boost in her self-esteem. She stopped feeling self-conscious when choosing clothes, especially skirts and dresses, which she had previously avoided. This newfound confidence radiated into other areas of her life, making her more open and expressive.

Physical Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

Natasha became more agile and began to regularly enjoy physical exercises. Her improved mobility and renewed energy are achievements she values just as much as the weight loss.

Control of Appetite and Cravings

A crucial aspect of her transformation was the enhanced control over her appetite. Natasha reports a significant reduction in the uncontrollable desire to eat sweets, now able to distinguish true hunger from emotional eating habits.

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